Govt. licence No.: 815/066/67

Visa No:1301597433  Date:-1440/03/11  Sponser ID No:7001641443

Visa No:1301597033  Date:-1440/03/10  Sponser ID No:7001641443

Visa No:130600828 Date:-1440/03/18  Sponser ID No:7001641443

Visa No:1301603786  Date:-1440/03/24  Sponser ID No:7001641443

Visa No:1301603790  Date:-1440/03/24  Sponser ID No:7001641443

4 Heavy Drivers and 2 Liquid Fuel Seller for Filling Station wanted for Khashman Al-Dossary & Sons Holding Co in Saudi Arabia

wanted truck driver

  • Quantity: 4 Heavy Drivers
  • Salary:1800+300 or(food)

  • Quantity: 2 Liquid Fuel Seller Filling Station
  • salary:1500+300 or(food)


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Medical Accommodation           – company will Provide.
  2. Food                                               –  company will Provide food or Sr/-300.
  3. Water and Electricity                  – company will Provide.
  4. Iqama and insurance                  – company will Provide.
  5. Working Hours per Day             – 8 hours per day, 6 days in a week(48 hours weekly).
  6. vacation per year                         – 2 years 42 days / 21 days as per year
  7. Period of contract                        – 2 years
  8. Probation Period                         – 3 Months
  9. Service Charge                             – Not Provided.
  10. Visa and Ticket                            – Free Visa and Free Both Way Ticket (Ever Two Years) Ktm/Ksa.                                                                           and Ksa/Ktm  provided by  company.


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